Cash Cowboys

A reality series following modern-day cowboys who are backed by a strong family code of honor, saving the land when no one else can.

In the series, the Huwas’ — Brent Huwa, his wife Tonya, brothers Tyrun and Corey, father Rich, the rest of the Huwa crew, and their extended “family” from their Keenesburg, Colorado community and numerous business — will combine their faith, and entrepreneurial spirit, to build a strong, growing family of American workers, who protect and save the landscape.

The heart of the series is all about cowboy culture, and the spirit of the West. These cowboys are just as likely to be riding a five-ton bulldozer as a one-ton rodeo bull, a 200-horsepower excavator as a horse on the range.

The series is about big equipment, tough terrain, bucking bulls, mother nature, and extreme deadlines that keep them on their toes. Stakes are high, and there is no room for error! Still, they take time to appreciate each other and enjoy life, living as modern day ambassadors for the America people and American values. Where they come form, family is about more than blood — it’s about having each other’s backs and sharing values.

The Huwas’ are a self-made success story, as salt of the earth people, who want to improve the world. Their reclamation business started in 2002, when they were tasked to clean up after the Hayman fie — one of Colorado’s worst forest fires — which had created a serious risk of contamination to the water supply of 1.5 million people in the city of Denver. After this project, the Huwas’ realized the value and need of their years of knowledge and skill in working with the land.

In addition, the Huwas’ have built up multiple successful family businesses.

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